iShopStyle Outlet Discount Guide

iShopStyle is able to provide discounted clothes for several reasons, and in order to provide absolute clarity on the clothes you purchase, below is a list of reasons as to why a particular line is so heavily discounted.

Cancelled Order
A brand may design and produce a product they intend to sell, but for whatever reason decide they no longer wish to sell this product before its release and so cancel the order with the manufacturers. In this time the manufacturers may have already began its production and so we snap up these unneeded garments.

Clearance Product
This is a product that didn't sell as well as anticipated during its release and so brands have decided they no longer wish to stock the item.

Past Season
Some brands only sell certain product lines during a particular season. For example, lightweight hoodies in Summer and heavyweight products in Winter. If there are heavyweight products still left in Summer, iShopStyle will attempt to snap them up.

Brands may have bought too many of one product and so these have been purchased by us in bulk, and these savings passed on to you.

Specification Error
This is where a product has not been produced as specified. This is usually where, clothes have been produced and labelled as the wrong size but it maybe that a white button has been used instead of a grey button. It should be noted that we do not purchase 'B Grade' or inferior quality products.


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